Collection: Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Power Animals

Spirit guides and power animals are non-physical beings that help us navigate life, offering support, guidance, and protection along the way. Our spirit guides are a team of spirits who we’ve traveled with for many lifetimes, while our power animals represent the unique qualities and characteristics that we need to embody in this lifetime in order to thrive. When we connect with our spirit guides and power animals, we tap into their wisdom, and can receive messages and insights that help us on our journey of growth and transformation.

 In addition to our spirit guides and power animals, we can also receive guidance and support from our ancestors who have gone before us. Ancestral healing is the process of addressing unresolved emotional, psychological, and physical issues that have been passed down through our family line, often through generations. Through this work, we can heal our family DNA and remove blocks that may be hindering our growth, heal past traumas, and break patterns of karma and limiting beliefs.

 Meditation teacher, Dakota Earth Cloud Walker utilizes the energy of the North to help individuals connect with their spirit guides, power animals, and ancestors for deep healing and growth. By strengthening these relationships, individuals can tap into the support and guidance they need to overcome challenges, find their purpose, and live a life of greater meaning and fulfillment. Through meditation, individuals can learn to communicate with their spirit team and receive the insights and messages they need to move forward on their journey.