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Gaia Wisdom School

Rise of the Phoenix - Reprise (Trance Mix)

Rise of the Phoenix - Reprise (Trance Mix)

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Length: 34:38

**New Remixed Version: Unveil your inner phoenix with this unique guided meditation journey. As you delve into the mystic lower world, encounter your guide(s) ready to lead you through this transformative process. Embrace your breath as a shamanic tool, quickening your journey inward while enhancing your energetic flow.

Experience the potency of the ceremonial fire pit, shedding outdated identities and inhibitions, igniting a transformative rebirth from within. This shamanic meditation promises not just a temporary respite but a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment, offering you a chance to confront and release the shackles of your shadow side, and find solace in the warmth and wisdom of your guides. It is an awakening and a rekindling, a chance to step into your own power, reborn as the Phoenix, authentic and unburdened. This meditation isn't a quick fix - it's a powerful awakening that invites profound change.

Who is this Meditation for? This meditation is ideal for those seeking transformative self-growth, yearning to embrace their authentic self, and ready to let go of what no longer serves them. It's perfect for those who are in a transitional phase in their life, seeking to understand and manifest their innermost truth.

These Immersive Guided Journeys are layered with sound, music, and voice. To get the most out of this experience, please wear headphones. Look to the gallery pics for more ways to get t:he most out of your immersive experience. Enjoy the journey



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